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If you don’t fill your tax returns precisely and within time, then it can potentially return in unpleasing penalties. Thus, it is important for every business to plan in order to ensure that everything is done within the allotted time. Our team of experts has efficient knowledge regarding the UAE Federal Law Compliance.

We offer a wide range of fully integrated tax services to our clients. The approach that we take is a combination of innovation and insight from various disciplines that have knowledge regarding the business in order to assist your company in its quest to the top of the business world.

Accounting Solution

The excellent accounting solutions that we provide are not just limited to complying with the legal requirements. They also include the optimization of processes that work to generate the highest value for the business that you run. We also assist you in properly
strategizing the growth of your business. Our strategies will be incredibly beneficial.
Our expert team will help you simplify your accounting processes, so that your business would grow effectively and efficiently.


When you choose to hire our CFO Service, you can stop worrying about all matters related to Finance Management.

We offer a complete solution including Financial Management
& Reporting, Board Presentations, Business & Banking Relationships, Cash Flow Management, Debt Management, Divestitures Mergers & Acquisitions, Executive Management Reporting, MIS Internal Controls, Profitability & Performance Strategies, Risk & Tax Management.

Data Migration

It is common for business to change the software due to certain reasons like up gradation, merger with another company or acquiring a different business etc. There is need to migrate data from software to software in such cases. We, at Authentic take the initiative to help you out in such cases.

In addition to that, we can also potentially help you out with the digital archiving of your data and the special needs on your software..

Asset Tracking & Tagging

Control your fixed assets through data mapping to your financial databases Secure & Confidential.

Asset tagging allows companies to assign a unique identifier to each asset. Printed with barcodes, asset tags eliminate the need for manual data entry, enabling accurate and efficient inventory tracking and streamlined documentation of activities such as maintenance and repairs